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Part number: ALM TR885

ALM Manufacturing spool and line

Suitable for the following B&Q OPP models:


Supplied with:
1.5mm trimmer line
1 x 6m

Manufactured in the UK

Published in B&Q grass trimmers

Part number: ALM QT455

ALM Manufacturing spool cover and spool and line

Suitable for the following MacAllister models:

350w MGT35025

Spool supplied with:
1.5mm trimmer line
2 x 5m

Manufactured in the UK

Part number: ALM FL271

ALM Manufacturing poly v drive belt

Suitable for the following Flymo lawnmowers:

Speedi-Mo 360C
Speedi-Mo 360VC

Compares to: 7PJ451


Published in Flymo lawnmowers