Ego Power+ chainsaws

Ego Power+ chainsaws

ALM Manufacturing offer a range of chains to fit Ego Power+ chainsaws.

To identify the correct chainsaw chain for your machine either:

a. Follow steps 1-5 below or
b. Count the number of drive links and click the relevant part number link below or
c. Enter the model number in to the search bar

1. Check the length of the bar as a lot of models are available with different size bars from the factory, and therefore require a different size chain


2. Count the drive teeth on the INSIDE OF THE CHAIN



3. Check the gauge (the width of the groove in the bar)



4. Check the pitch (this is length P DIVIDED by 2)

5. Contact us for a part number

Part number: ALM BC052 ALM Manufacturing 52 drive link chainsaw chain Suitable for the following Ego Power+ models with a 35cm (14") bar CS1400 (56v…