1. The information we collect and how we use it

ALM Manufacturing do not ask visitors to our website to reveal any personal information. However, we may collect some data about visitors including but not limited to IP addresses and details of the web browser and domain name visitors use.

ALM Manufacturing may also use aggregate information and statistics for the purposes of monitoring website usage in order to help us develop our website. These statistics do not include any personal information that can be used to identify any individual.

If you contact us we ask you to provide your name, email address, telephone number and machine details.

ALM Manufacturing do not disclose any of this information to a third party.

2. Cookies

Cookies are small data files stored on your computer which are used to collect information about you. We use cookies to collate information which is used by us to plan enhancements to our services and tailor aspects of the site functionality for individual visitors.

If you do not want us to use cookies when you visit our website, please change your website browser settings to reject cookies.

3. How we protect your information

The internet is not a secure medium. However we have put in place various security procedures as set out in this policy.

We protect your personal information against unauthorised access by using firewalls and a secure browser and only allow your personal information to be processed by persons with authority to access the secure server

4. How to contact us

ALM Manufacturing welcome your feedback about our website and our privacy policy.

If you would like to contact us with any queries or comments please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.