Wednesday, 03 June 2020

ALM BQ370 Metal blade

Part number: ALM BQ370

ALM Manufacturing metal blade

Suitable for the following Bosch lawnmowers

Rotak 36Li,
Rotak 36Li Ergoflex Powerdrive Li+, 

Rotak 37Li,
Rotak 37Li (3600H81B00),
Rotak 37Li (3600H81701),
Rotak 37Li (3600H81703), 
Rotak 37Li (3600H81771),

Rotak 37-36Li

Rotak 37Li Ergoflex (3600H81700),
Rotak 37Li Ergoflex (3600H81704), 
Rotak 37Li Ergoflex (3600H81770),

Rotak 370Li (3600H81705),
Rotak 370Li (3600H81702),

Rotak 370Li Ultra (3600H81772)


Compares to F016800277, F016L66005, A/07/Y/AB