Saturday, 06 June 2020

ALM FL288 Spool cover

Part number: ALM FL288

ALM Manufacturing spool cover

Suitable for the following Flymo models

Contour Power Plus Cordless (CCT250) (9648645-25), 
Contour Cordless 24v (CCTE25) (9672408-01), 
Contour Cordless XT 18v (9666768-01), 
Contour XT,
Contour 500,
Contour 500E, 
Contour 500 Power Plus,
Contour 500XT, 
Contour 600HD, 
Contour 650E, 
Contour 700,
Contour 700 Power Plus, 
ET23, ET23DX, ET23+DX,
EIT250, EIT300, 
MET230 Twin, 
Minitrim Auto 2003,
Mini Trim Auto ST,
Mini Trim Auto XT,
Mini Trim Auto Plus XT, 
Minitrim Auto Plus,
Mini Trim Contour XT, 
Multi Trim 250D,
Multi Trim 250DX,
Multi Trim 300D,
Multi Trim 300DX,
Multi Trim 250 Plus Twin,
Multi Trim 300 Twin,

Power Trim 300,
Power Trim 500 (product no: 9648596-25/62),
Power Trim 500 XT,
Power Trim 600HD,
Power Trim 700 (product no: 9648597-25/62),
Power Trim PWT23, 

Revolution 2000 (twin line), Revolution 2300 (twin line), Revolution 2500 (twin line),
Sabre Trim (GTC24A) (5100449-03,
SET250, SET300, STXT25,

Compares to 5127851-00/3, 5128250-87, 5055135-90/8, FLY060, FLY5055135908

Manufactured in the UK