Sunday, 15 December 2019

ALM CH049 Chainsaw chain

Part number: ALM CH049

ALM Manufacturing 49 drive link chainsaw chain

Suitable for the following Black & Decker models with a 35cm (14") bar

CS30, CS35
DN400, DN401, DN402
DN404, DN404B, DN412
DN416, GK30, GK35, GK129
GK300, GK303, GK310, GK320
GK321, GK322, GK330, GK425
GK430, GK435, GK440, GK535
GK540, GK1430, GK1435, GK1435T
GK1440, GK1630, GK1630T, GK1630TK
GK1630XC, GK1635, GK1635T, GK1635TO
GK1635TX, GK1635X, GK1735, GK1735T
GK1640, GK1640T 

Compares to: A6155